My Diary on 2011-07-04

Posted: 4th July 2011 by Prawee Wongsa in diary
  • เจาะกำแพง ขนาดของ application on facebook ได้แล้ววววววว ทำเอาโง่มาหลายวัน อะฮิๆ เว็บนี่เจ้าช่างสวยยิ่งนัก #
  • u can make canvas size application facebook max to 750×950 so good. i can destroy this wall already. haha. happiness. #
  • for another or expert people maybe do easy but for me so difficult then now i'm happy when i can make it. #
  • when do you make application on facebook if you get important for canvas size. you must return solve problem about display. #
  • sorry. i mean if you don't important about canvas size. you must headache about display when you show application. i'm confirm. #
  • In fact. it is most important. lah lah lah lah lah. ^^ #
  • Due to canvas size working then after time check all browser support if it ok that mean my work complete. #
  • this size 760×950 working with chrome IE only but firefox broken. #
  • if you see my wrong use about my english. please tell me. i want to suggestion for grow. #
  • Why another can make more than my size? must find answer for this question. why why why. #
  • if you know please tell me. thank. haha. #
  • just know. i wrong. i'm bug by myself haha. ok complete. #
  • now canvas size support every browser. #

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