My Diary on 2011-05-27

Posted: 27th May 2011 by Prawee Wongsa in diary
  • revouninstaller โปรแกรมลบแล้วคลีนมาก #
  • New Article!: WordPress Update to version 3.1.3 #
  • ฝนตก กินข้าวไงนิ #
  • Today. i must to make me understand about service operation function for development system. this is my homework. haha. #
  • After yesterday us meeting finished 10 PM. Even now i feel tired. it would go well in the future. fighting!!!!!! #
  • This is first time to see cover all business. it make me know that what should be done? #
  • Do not browbeat that no one such as me. Oh yah. ^^ sorry music interupt. haha. #
  • RT @dzineblog: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Which One is The Best? #design <-เขาตีเป็ดกัน #
  • Examples of Red in Web Design #
  • 34 Clean Web Designs #
  • 34 Best Landing Page Templates Design Inspiration #
  • More sheep DB of Drupal have something i don't like name of filed because it is inconsistent. but structure something must learn it. #
  • this time for study about taxonomy. it have 4 table ^^ /#Drupal7 #
  • just shortcut_set+shortcut_set_users table very very benefit for customize support each user level. ^^ #Drupal7 #
  • Now ramkhamhaeng have sunny. 0.0 my cloth dry sure!. Happy time. #
  • Relationship between shortcut_set_users and shortcut_set are one to many by using set_name filed link. #

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