My Diary on 2011-03-13

Posted: 13th March 2011 by Prawee Wongsa in diary
  • say hello this holiday!!. just wake up!. #
  • my list for today. cleaning my room, clear my work and watching korea series. #
  • yesterday i talk with girl on my dream that are first time make me feeling very very happiness. #
  • Even if long time ago that we can't talk but also we meet then be separated. #
  • for me with somebody friendship better ralationship. #
  • today i can using msn ^^ #
  • So be hungry therefore take a bath before atter that lunch(breakfast for me) nearly building. let' go!!. #
  • rain comming! T__T i hate this season. now i hear thunder. #
  • my room so hot air working!!!!!! #
  • secret gargen walk to disk 9/10 nearly finish. #
  • RT @vajiramedhi: คนเห็นแก่ตัว คือ คนน่ากลัวที่สุดในโลก A selfish man is the most hideous person in the world. #
  • secret garden already finish!! #
  • sleeply. time for go to bed. good night all. bye. #

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